Your Birth Your Choice

I have been a midwife for over twenty years, in various settings in different states of Australia as well as overseas.  I became a midwfie to be with woman and contribute making birth as positive an experience as possible for the mother, father, babe and family.

I believe in low intervention and womans ability to birth naturally and that birth is a normal natural life event,  I believe in low intervention.  I believe that midwives are the most appropriate professionals to support natural birth.

I have four children with two who were born at home,  2 at hospital with some help and with the last a lot of help being via caesarean.

Pregnancy and birth is not an illness, increasingly birth has become more medicalised and interventionist, the hospital setting in many ways has perpetuated this.  Appropriate and effective use of health care resources in pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period  requires the provision of midwifery care.  Referal to secondary or specialist care is required to ensure that care is streamlined so that the woman and her family are given the highest level of care.

All women have the right to choose a midwife as their primary care provider both in the public and private sector whether it be in a hospital or the home.

I currently provide midwifery services in the south west of Western Australia, I work collaboratively with local General Practitioners and the local hospitals.  I work with other midwives who provide back to various degrees.

I now have  a medicare provider number so can claim for antenatal, postnatal and hospital birth care, the rebates are significantly less than the true cost of providing the service but it is a start.  I am also exploring what claims can be made through various health insurance companies.

There are fees for private midwfery care, I will be applying for medicare benefits from the November 2010 and am always happy to negotiate the payment of fees.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want any details in relation to the service that I can provide.

Pete L. Malavisi
September 2010

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